Next Century Cities supports mayors and community leaders across the country as they seek to ensure that everyone has fast, affordable and reliable internet access.

Municipal Broadband Networks are an Opportunity, Not a Threat

Local governments have invested in municipal broadband networks to improve internet access for everyone, advance educational outcomes, support public safety, and ensure a healthy business climate. Local governments rarely choose to pursue municipal broadband as a first option, but are willing to take risks and make meaningful investments to address connectivity gaps in their communities when necessary.

Arlington and Alexa Team Up to Answer Resident Questions

City leaders in Arlington, Texas are always working to be on the cutting edge of technology. As they were researching how to integrate voice recognition and artificial intelligence with a new city website, they decided to branch out into smart speaker functionality.

Register Now: Opportunities for Bipartisan Tech Policy

Opportunities for Bipartisan Tech Policy will be a half day event bringing together members of Congress, community leaders, and policy experts. Keynote conversations and panel discussions will work to determine key policy goals and action steps for the new Congress, with a specific focus on rural broadband and digital privacy legislation.

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Communities stepping into the 21st century through next-generation networks face myriad challenges. It is essential to provide crucial support to facilitate these innovative projects. Next Century Cities and our members work to overcome obstacles to success.

Elevating the Conversation

We work with leaders and their communities to share their stories. We make the case that next-generation internet is essential infrastructure that can deliver transformative benefits to communities today.

Tools for Success

Developing a next-generation network is a daunting task for any city. We are committed to developing and aggregating resources to guide new projects.